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Course Outline

This online course offers beginners an immersive journey into BRAND IDENTITY DESIGN. It's structured to guide participants through the intricacies of developing a brand design portfolio and crafting compelling brand presentations. Unlike conventional courses, this program doesn't stop at theoretical learning; participants actively engage in applying their newfound knowledge and skills.

By the end of this course, they emerge with a professional portfolio that reflects their expertise in BRAND DESIGN. This portfolio isn't just a testament to their capabilities; it's also a powerful tool that can open doors to their next design job, showcasing their proficiency and potential to prospective employers.

Introduction to Branding

  • Definition and significance of branding.
  • Key elements for a successful brand.
  • Branding principles and psychology.
  • Use of color theory in branding.
  • Psychological impact of fonts and shapes.
  • Analysis of successful brand identity designs.
  • Common pitfalls to avoid in the branding process.


  • Exploring principles, concepts, & methodologies for visual communication.
  • Elements studied: color, composition, typography, layout.
  • Goal: create aesthetically pleasing, functional designs.
  • Psychological and practical aspects considered.
  • Aim: convey messages, enhance user experiences.
  • Applicable across various mediums.


Adobe Illustrator

  • Software interface
  • Necessary tools for Designing
  • How to design Logos?
  • Print Designs & Guidelines
  • Vector Tracing

Adobe Photoshop

  • Software interface
  • Necessary tools for Designing
  • How to use and create mockups
  • Blending Modes
  • Social Media Graphics


  • Logo design
  • Cohesive Brand Colors
  • Consistent Messaging
  • Stationary Designs
  • Social Media Designs
  • Marketing Material
  • Packaging Designs

Final Project

  • This Course Extends beyond a mere course.
  • Culminates in the development of a personalized brand design portfolio.
  • Includes meticulously crafted brand presentations.
  • Participants acquire theoretical knowledge.
  • Participants apply skills to create a professional portfolio.
  • Showcases proficiency in brand design.
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